Checkit Solo Questions & Answers


How do I know Checkit Solo is for me?

Checkit Solo is designed specifically for small food service businesses who:

  • Are running a food safety system using the FSA’s Safer Food Better Business
  • Are a single site operation based in the UK

It is your responsibility to ensure that SFBB is appropriate to your business in terms of what you do and regional variations in the UK. Checkit is not able to offer individual advice on this matter.

If you are running multiple sites and are interested in more advanced features that allow you to manage them from a single account, then Solo isn’t the right product for you.  Please see our multi-site products here or get in touch.

How do I run my food safety management system with Checkit?

Your food safety management will consist of

  • The Safer Food Better Business booklet that we provide that describes the safe methods and how you fulfil them with Checkit. When you get Checkit you will need to read through this and add a few relevant details where indicated.
  • Digital forms that capture your staff training and lists of suppliers. These are provided with the booklet
  • The Checkit system – replacing all other paperwork related to routine checks and diary entries.

While Checkit’s online checks form the bulk of the system, for completeness its important to have the booklet and supplementary forms available when an inspector visits and known about by staff.

What will my EHO say?

Checkit has been developed in conjunction with the Cambridge City Council EHO team and who have reviewed its operation and confirmed that it is a valid substitute for a paper based system. This advice is available to other EHOs and should be taken into account in inspections. This arrangement is covered by our Primary Authority Partnership which currently applies in the UK. Find out more here.

Checkit should make any inspections easier for you and the EHO as it provides evidence of a well run operation and easily accessible data.

Will my EHO be able to see my data?

No – your data is private to you.  It will always be up to you who can access it.

What do I need to use Checkit in my business?

You will need a WiFi network in your business to be able to connect the Checkit Memo. You will get email alerts on your phone or PC if things need attention. Reporting and setup information can be accessed through a web browser but are best viewed on a PC / tablet

Do I have to do much complex set up?

No – once you’ve decided to sign up, we will send a simple questionnaire that we use to customise your account.  That way, when you first log in, everything will be set up to start work. If you need to make any changes later on,  the product is simple to use and we have lots of online help.

Who else is using it?

We have hundreds of customers from takeaways and pubs to large retailers and leisure centres, with versions of the product to suit.  You can find customer case studies and testimonials on our website.

What else do I need to know?

Our terms and conditions are here and describe all aspects of our service.