Checkit Digital Food Safety Management System

Checkit Solo is aimed at smaller food businesses including: takeaways, cafes, restaurants, pubs, hotels, clubs and schools that are using Safer Food Better Business for their food safety plans.

Checkit gets rid of food safety paperwork and makes sure all your records are accurate and accessible at any time. It gives complete visibility of the tasks that have been done, when and by whom. The result: HACCP compliance and complete peace of mind.

Simplify your life – move from paper to Digital Food Safety Management and be always audit ready – all for less than 60 pence a day!

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Three reasons why your business is better with Checkit Digital Food Safety

1. Keep your food hygiene rating high
Bad news spreads like wildfire and a low rating or food hygiene problem can destroy a business. Checkit keeps your food safety back covered.

2. Stress-free food safety
When it’s busy in the kitchen it’s easy to miss checks or forget to fill in paperwork. With Checkit you know food safety checks are being done – even when you’re not on the premises. You will always EHO inspection ready.

3. Ditch food safety paperwork and save time
Spending less time filling in, filing and looking for paperwork means more time for real work. Checkit is a food inspector approved digital food safety management system so EHO Audits will take less time too!

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Not using SFBB, need to create more checklists or want to monitor fridge and freezer temperatures automatically – No worries find out more about Checkit for larger organisations